Every ministry of the church exists to make wholehearted followers of Christ called disciples, and Scripture shows us that discipleship happens best through community.  Whether it was God leading the nation of Israel under one Law, or Jesus calling twelve disciples to "follow Me," one message is clear: You were never meant to grow in your relationship with God alone.

While our weekend services are a place where the church can gather and worship God in a meaningful and powerful way, it can also be a difficult place to connect with those who Jesus has called us to know and love.  Community Groups are all about cultivating relationships where God will grow us and sculpt us because we're committed to Christ and committed to each other.

Community Groups exist to create community where discipleship happens.  Who are you in community with?




GROUPLEAD | Become a leader!

Community Group leaders are people who care about others following Christ as disciples, and who want to create a community where that can happen. No matter how many amazing Group Leaders we have at Redeemer’s, there is always a need for more. Registering for GroupLead isn’t a commitment to become a leader, but it will allow you to find out what our Community Groups are all about and what it takes to lead one. You may be just the person God wants to use to start a community that Christ will use to transform someone’s life. Snacks provided. Childcare is provided for this event. (Note: There is a minimum of 4 children needing to be registered a week prior to the event in order for Redeemer's to provide childcare.) To register, click HERE.

DATE:  October 17, 2017

TIME:  6-8pm


LOCATION:  Adventure Creek Room 1 | 3031 W Harvard Ave