Any donations of supplies help us stretch our ministry resources and are greatly appreciated!  Donations will be collected during the weekend services of May 19-20 & 26-27 at the Plaza Counter. For additional information on when and where to bring your donated items, please contact Brent at 541.672.0230. THANK YOU!


   Individual Vanilla Pudding - 12/pack _________________________3   
Nilla Wafers - 11oz box__________________________________18

Swedish Fish Minis - bulk 4.5 lbs___________________________1
Ziplock Bags, Sandwich 580 ct_____________________________4
Redenbacher Popcorn - 8 lb_______________________________1
Skittles, 15 oz bags_____________________________________17
Asst. Colors Goldfish Crackers, 30 oz box___________________18
12-16oz bottles Sunny D cases____________________________5
Citrus flavored sparkling water (lacroix brand), 24 bottles/cases___3
10oz plastic cups, Chinet, 150 ct/bags_______________________3
  Colorful drinking straws, 50/bag____________________________8  
Pretzel sticks, 16 oz bag_________________________________5
Fruit by the foot, 48/box_________________________________ 2
Dessert plates, Dixie 6 7/8”, #300/packs_____________________7
Animal Crackers, Kirkland 4lb_____________________________1
Peanut butter, Jif 2/pack_________________________________9
Jam, 2/pack Marionberry_________________________________8 
Kirkland American Sliced Cheese_________________________10
Kirkland, Ham 2/pack___________________________________20
Kirkland, Turkey 3/pack_________________________________10
Water, Kirkland 40/case__________________________________4
Brown Paper Lunch Bags #100___________________________18
Assorted individual boxes of chips, Frito Lay 30/box___________33
5oz cups - Dixie  450 ct__________________________________4
Wet Wipes - Kirkland 900 ct_______________________________2