Thirty hours. Barely more than a day. In that short time, global hunger won’t disappear. But if we answer God’s call—if we take the first step—nothing will slow us down. 30 Hour Famine is a weekend event with Redeemer's HSM designed to help students think about what they can accomplish in just 30 hours. Listen to your stomach growl, and imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes as you learn about their life and try to comprehend their suffering.


We want every student to participate in the 30 Hour Famine, and it’s easy to join! Below is some basic information  for the event happening on May 11 & 12.



  • Signed Permission Slip & Medical Release Form
  • Water Bottle (Please do not forget this).
  • Famine donation packet and all donations received to date.
  • Sleeping bag, blankets & pillow  (no cots, mats, or air mattresses allowed for youth)
  • Overnight needs/toiletries
  • Clothes appropriate for the weather and service projects—we will be outside some of the time!
  • Bible 
  • Working! Flashlight
  • Water Bottle (yes…I said it twice so you wouldn’t forget)
  • Swim gear (It’s possible we may go to the river on Saturday weather permitting).



  • Your First Move:  Grab a registration packet from the Downtown Office, the Youth Center or from Ross Harmon. 
  • Over The Next Few Weeks:  Take some time to get the word out to friends and family about raising funds for the 30 Hour Famine.
  • By April 23:  If you can turn in $55 worth of funds (either raised by friends and family or your own money) by April 23, you will get a free 30 Hour Famine T-shirt!
    • Start your own page at the 30 Hour Famine website! Any funds you can get to support your fast will go towards ending world hunger!


  • On May 11, plan to make lunch your last meal for the next 30 hours. (That’s when our 30 hour fast begins!) 
  • Famine participants will arrive at the Youth Center at 5pm on Friday, May 11 with your funds and overnight gear. We will be done with our break-the-fast meal at 7pm on Saturday, May 12; this is when your parents can pick you up. 
    • We'll be fasting, sleeping in boxes, and taking part in TRIBE games that help us learn about the struggles poverty causes around the globe, and how we can change that!
    • During Famine weekend, we will be serving the homeless population of Roseburg around town and at Feed the Burg.
    • We accommodate for special dietary needs. Please email ross@redeemers.org with special requests for your child’s dietary requirements during the 30 Hour Famine.


Visit our RedeemersHSM 30 Hour Famine Team Page and set up your online fundraising page! It’s the easiest and most effective way to get support from anyone following you on social media, or send it out in an email to your family!



Want to read more from World Vision on what 30 Hour Famine is all about? 

Check Out the Info For Parents Page.

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