Global Outreach at Redeemer’s Fellowship exists to send and support workers to share the Good News with the world by identifying, preparing, supporting, and releasing individuals and teams to accomplish God’s global outreach plan.

As a "sending church" Redeemer’s strives to balance both the biblical mandate to the church with its own philosophy of ministry as unpacked in our mission statement. Therefore it is the priority of Redeemer’s to:

Develop wholehearted followers of Christ...those people who are willing to do anything God asks them to do or go anywhere that God calls them to go.
...who love God  it is the motivator for loving one another or the lost world.
...who love one another  loving one another involves mutual investment. Regarding missions it involves respect, trust, integrity, care, prayer support, financial support, and more.
...who love the world.  To understand the infinite value that God places on the individual human soul...wherever they live. 

At Redeemer’s, we do not relegate missions to individuals or a certain group, but are convinced that we best reach others cross-culturally if we do so as a whole church. The selection process of who goes and where they go, how and how much we support a person, our faithful prayers and encouragement—all require involvement from the whole fellowship in all our diversity of giftedness. Thus, we require a say and a hand in all missions that we support.

We encourage every person to experience some cross-cultural involvement in God’s rescue operation. 

1. We intend to support annual short-term mission opportunities for high school aged youth.

2. Our Strategic Partnership in Guatemala provides our primary short-term missions opportunities for adults.

3. We encourage visiting our career missionaries where they are serving.

4. Other short-term opportunities will be supported financially only as they do not interfere or detract from these primary opportunities Redeemer’s has committed to support. All solicitations to the church for support must be approved by the Elders.

Redeemer’s purposefully shapes our missionary commitments to be:

1. CROSS-CULTURAL (penetrating a culture not our own)

2. GLOBAL (seeing the whole world as needy)

3. HOLISTIC (recognizing the whole person’s needs)

4. PIONEERING (focused on those who have no opportunity to hear the Gospel)

5. DEVELOPMENTAL (encouraging a love for the lost through a continuum of exposure and involvement: information, experience, career, and investment in national leaders)


Many of the missionaries that Redeemer’s supports, financially and through prayer, work among Unreached People Groups (UPG’s). UPG’s are defined as groups of people where there are few or no followers of Jesus making disciples among their own people. UPG’s may be unreached because of cultural, linguistic or geographical barriers, but these days it is more often political factors that keep people separated from the opportunity to hear the Good News (i.e., government prohibitions against evangelism). In many countries that contain UPG’s, it is illegal to be a missionary. Therefore, we can’t post information about our missionaries without putting them in jeopardy.

For those who are interested in pursuing a calling to career missions, contact Mike Kildal at 541.672.0230 or by EMAIL.